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Length: 35,000 words. Around 2.5 hours.

Story, Art and Coding: Amiralo https://twitter.com/renaumechapters

Beta readers:  CMK https://twitter.com/crownea_vn
                                  Shiba list https://twitter.com/ShibaList
Music: https://dova-s.jp/
https://archive.org/details/lp_beethoven-complete-piano-music_alfred-brendel-zub...Sound effects:

Youtube No copyright sound effects


BG :https://www.pexels.com/

Proof-reader: Taylor Morphis, Cyph, and Shibalist.

Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
(241 total ratings)
GenreVisual Novel
TagsDating Sim, gxb, Horror, Otome, Psychological Horror, Romance


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Hello from China. I‘m a amateur translator. Pithy and thought-provoking, ITYH has become an ever-lasting summer fever for my heart. Please let me know if you are interested in any Chinese localization.

Ay dios que hermoso juego, dios mio que belleza

i played this in november 2023, so basically half a year ago now, i must say this is very good despite being short and free, i still think about it sometimes, i really love the characters relationship, i hope you have motivation to keep working on something like this again in the future (and put it on steam please)

i've always wanted to play this game but the low contrast sprites are physically painful to look at. not saying anything about the art style, just that them being that low contrast makes them essentially blobs that my light sensitive eyes have to strain to make out the details which hurts.

RIP Camille you would have loved Ethel Cain.


This game was like an entire rude. I really love how well written both Camille and Osgoode were. I hadn't expected to be as fond of them as I was. 

And the music in this game really helps set a mood. I found that a lot of the fear, tenseness and whatnot I felt were almost primarily caused by the music, in addition to the games transitions and cuts. But I feel like the music did a lot of the legwork. It fit the situations quite perfectly. 

But especially I think ending 8 I think really just oh my god grabbed me by the throst the abruptness of <SPOILER>...

Osgoodes death was just oh my fucking god ?? I had thought he was going to die but after that cutscene I thought he wasn't only for him to actually die? Like God I feel I've still got chills from the entire thing.

This game was indeed a ride. The protagonist was very special, not just a self-insert character. It is definitely worth the time to play it.


it was soooo interesting and fun to play!! Loooved the psychological horror through the game play, 100/10


this was actually???? so good????? wow ill be thinking about this for the next month probably... camille was so relatable to me 


I don't usually comment on the games but OH MY GOD THIS GAME WAS AMAZING. Everything about it is 10 out of 10. The art style, writing and the story. And ending 9 left me crying lol

I'll definitely look forward for your other games!

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this game is so freaking beautiful I was sobbing all through unlocking the endings. Also, it's kinda weird and at the same time cool to think that I kin Camille so much? Like I'm not the kind of person who throws that word around so easily but I'm able to so easily relate to her on an almost spiritual level it's scary. I definitely get why she reacted the way she did and how in ending 8, she realizes how she definitley fell hard for him..and it made sense. I love how everything seemed so...poignantly chill and even lovely at first then you get this whole 


underlying dark story about the wendigos and the apocalypse later on

and it just blows my mind. Seriously, 100/10 writing and characterization, I don't think I've ever played through a free game with such heart before. 


OMG...first i saw the man who legs have been cut .i 'm like:WHAT???????

and then when i saw Cammille's hand has been ...... ,i'like :WTF??????????????????????????

It's a very good game !!!!


OMG I miss your games!!! Ever since I've played Where Adabanas grow a few years ago I've been addicted to playing your games and following your upcoming projects! TT LOVE HOW CREATIVE U ARE- TY FOR MAKING MY DULL HEART FEEL SMTH!


I don't make lots of comments, but oh my god this was awesome! I've never been so into a visual novel. I found it hilarious when she wakes up and something's missing. Was an amazing visual novel and I'm gonna make my friends play it. 

Hi!! Me again, I came to ask, I would really like to cosplay as Camille and was wondering if you would be okay with that? I love this game so much!!

Oh totally! Send me pictures hahaha

Hello! Thank You for another game, i'm a long time fan (since Your early games on newgrounds) and honetly i think your otome games are so unique, that ive never found an otome game that i have enjoied more than Yours. I love the twists, and characters. Anyways, i have a question regarding Ivy. Why she says that shes unable to help the heroin. Why does ivy dissapears with her boyfriend? Is her story explained in one of the endings? Thanks! :) 

Omg you are the game developer that made Reverie?... I CANT BELIEVE I RECOGNIZED YOU BY THE ART STYLE....... even though it evolved a lot! I played it such a long time ago, when I was a preteen, and I still remember it today!! You wrote such an interesting game back then, so I am very eager to play this one :)


This game is so well-written. I played it until late at night, which probably wasn't the best idea, but it had me hooked. 

I loved Camille as a heroine. Her backstory and self-refleciton is the good stuff. In the beginning she might look like a simple trope, but she is anything but. And she has guts. 
Osgood is harder to understand at first, but his character arc is refined and his backstory made me cry.

And the Ending that you get when you unlock the possiblilty at Osgood's door got me crying happy tears. 10/10, can recommend. 


I loved this. I recently played through all your old games on newgrounds, and I'm so glad that I found this one after. Please keep making these I love your writing so much!!


i adore the storyline of this with each twists the choices lead to it's amazing how unexpected it is! i love Camillie's personality and  with the story being dark i admired Osgoode xD, overall 10/10 GREAT GAME <33


this is SUCH a good game. every twist was so much fun and i totally appreciated the dark themes/topics. it took me up until the end to realize i saw myself in Camille a little bit. i've always been a dramatic romantic since i was a little girl, so obviously i stayed rooting for camille the osgoode the entire game. i love how you gave camille that characteristic and i had a lot of fun watching this unfold. 10/10 i'll def be thinking about this game all week


I LOVED IT SO MUCH the themes are so dark and the portrayal of trauma is amazinggggg just so good it feels very terrifying and very real


That certainly was different. Differently good.


Really enjoyed the game and also the characters, but i would like if there was an "extra" option where it registers the ending you achieved yk like some other visual novels.

Is there a walkthrough for this game?? <3

It's included within the game! There should be a txt file called walkthrough after you unzip the package.

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Spoilers below :D

When I was trying to find otome games with yandere character in it, I found this, and I'm so glad I did. I really have no words to say LOL. The story is just GOOD. It got me hooked 'til the very end. You might find me weird for this but I kind of felt sad when I got the ending 8. Like I shouldn't be, but considering Osgoode's situation, it made me feel bad for him. I don't know, I have mixed opinions. Well, because he killed so many people (the boy has to eat after all lol) and trapped Camille inside the mansion, ate her hand, and never let her go until the end. As for Camille, I want to give her a hug.

But what I like the most about this game is the BGM. It really fits the ambiance of the game.

10/10 would play it again for Osgoode.

I played this in the middle of the night, no regrets.

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Man playing this alone in my room at like 3 am really helped the vibes in this game. It's one of those experiences that just leaves you a fundamentally different person after playing it, so I thank you for that. There's a lot going on here that's just so hard to concisely say... Especially since I'm still in state of shock and awe. But I suppose it really boils down to... these two are so perfect for one another, it hurts. Because in another place and another time, they could have been so good for one another. But... they're not. It's like, something something they're so toxic they only work for each other?

Shit but not only that, but I love how well defined these two are. For the amount of gameplay I put into this, I feel like I know them so well. I love how resourseful Camille is. I can feel how confused Osgoode is, how he's trying so hard to find an answer in Camille that just isn't there I could go on and on (I actually keep going on and on so I'll stop now) but man... Thank you for this, truly. It's gonna hold a special place in me <3

Thoughtful comments aside, damb wish I were Camille lmaooooo

Edit: Despite everything, I still don't know what the acronym stands for


The Acronym stands for I take your hand. Because Osgoode "took" Camille's hand haha.

This is so freakin yummers


I bought this after seeing it once and I LOVED IT! I am so happy it was such a fun and unique ride! The writing was soooo good and the endings were realistic, but also left room to imagine a future while not being to ambiguous. <3


Thank you for making this awesome game<3I enjoyed it very much as I tried not to cry on the endings especially the ending 8:,)I feel sad that it's either one of them lives and the other dies on all the endings or either not end up with each other which still hurts cause they truly are meant for each other it's just that they were just given misfortunate situations that doesn't let them do so</3although the ending 9 is a good ending out of all the endings for me which makes me want to know what happened next also OSGOODE LOOKED SO FRICKIN HOT THERE IN LONG HAIR LIKE HELP ME-

fantastic game with fantastic writing. Very disturbing and evocative. So glad I found this incredible game!

You're a real good writer! This was amazing! I thought it was gonna be short but it took me like 2 hours to finish, and it was a great game, I enjoyed it alot<33

This was... a ride.
A disturbing, funny, bizarre, surprising, thought-provoking, quirky ride.
Story and characters are what I look for in a book or game, and yours gets top marks in both! A few typos and grammatical tense issues, but otherwise the writing was tight and evocative. Thank you for your time and effort on this. Really well done.


If Osgoode had been just a regular human murderer, this would have been just plain creepy, and disgusting how she fell for him. (I was honestly wary about giving this a go because I was getting Twilight vibes from the description, and Twilight was not for me, lol) But your brilliant choice to make him a wendigo and give him such an alien personality was what made me think so highly of this game. I'm really looking forward to your next!

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Ironically, the idea for this game started because I was unsatisfied with Twilight haha. I thought it was strange that  Edward, who was dating the human equivalent of their favorite dessert, NEVER had a moment of weakness and took a bite lmao. I also thought that Bella's obsessed reactions were never quite fully explained. So I wrote my own version with the same premise lmao.

Lol! Well, I much prefer your take on it.

This is godly, seriously, I'm crying, how is this so good? Please keep making gaming, you are so damn talented <3333

OH MY GOD!! I played this game literal ages ago and I wasn’t able to find the page or name again but I just wanted to tell you that I remembered this game and it was so fuckin amazing!! Like props to you I played this like last year and remembered it which is wild but yes. Great game!! ^o^

The Game is much higher in expectations than you can imagine! I just think the songs should be on youtube "ITYH : A Horror Otome Game Songs" the links are very confusing

This is such an amazing game, ending 8 was so bittersweet to me. Loved it very much! It's scary because i know if i was in Camilles situation I'd definitely fall for him. 10/10


Your characterizations are very engaging. His past with the brothers really intrigued me. You manage to convey so much in such little writing, each brother being very distinct. This all makes me very curious about your writing process. How do you come up with these little habits and quirks these characters have (like the second brother's fixation on romance novels and Osgoode's routine of playing the piano everyday). I'm generally very numb to all forms of media, but all these details manages to pierce through my usual apathy.

As for the different routes, the route for ending 8 is my favorite, even if the ending is the saddest. Curiously, which ending is considered true end? 

Excited for the next game you're making. Has that been postponed, by the way?


This is literally my first evere comment on anything, but I just wanted to say that this is absolutely my favourite game and you did amazing on it!!! I love it so much. Me and Camille are (unfortunately) basically the same person, haha..Anyway, here's some fanart...I might post more in the future too ;)

kjasdhfklsdjafh you captured Camille perfectly. Thanks for the pic and brightening up my day (right-clicks and saves).

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