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Is there a walkthrough for this game?? <3

It's included within the game! There should be a txt file called walkthrough after you unzip the package.

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Spoilers below :D

When I was trying to find otome games with yandere character in it, I found this, and I'm so glad I did. I really have no words to say LOL. The story is just GOOD. It got me hooked 'til the very end. You might find me weird for this but I kind of felt sad when I got the ending 8. Like I shouldn't be, but considering Osgoode's situation, it made me feel bad for him. I don't know, I have mixed opinions. Well, because he killed so many people (the boy has to eat after all lol) and trapped Camille inside the mansion, ate her hand, and never let her go until the end. As for Camille, I want to give her a hug.

But what I like the most about this game is the BGM. It really fits the ambiance of the game.

10/10 would play it again for Osgoode.

I played this in the middle of the night, no regrets.

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Man playing this alone in my room at like 3 am really helped the vibes in this game. It's one of those experiences that just leaves you a fundamentally different person after playing it, so I thank you for that. There's a lot going on here that's just so hard to concisely say... Especially since I'm still in state of shock and awe. But I suppose it really boils down to... these two are so perfect for one another, it hurts. Because in another place and another time, they could have been so good for one another. But... they're not. It's like, something something they're so toxic they only work for each other?

Shit but not only that, but I love how well defined these two are. For the amount of gameplay I put into this, I feel like I know them so well. I love how resourseful Camille is. I can feel how confused Osgoode is, how he's trying so hard to find an answer in Camille that just isn't there I could go on and on (I actually keep going on and on so I'll stop now) but man... Thank you for this, truly. It's gonna hold a special place in me <3

Thoughtful comments aside, damb wish I were Camille lmaooooo

Edit: Despite everything, I still don't know what the acronym stands for


The Acronym stands for I take your hand. Because Osgoode "took" Camille's hand haha.

This is so freakin yummers

I bought this after seeing it once and I LOVED IT! I am so happy it was such a fun and unique ride! The writing was soooo good and the endings were realistic, but also left room to imagine a future while not being to ambiguous. <3

Thank you for making this awesome game<3I enjoyed it very much as I tried not to cry on the endings especially the ending 8:,)I feel sad that it's either one of them lives and the other dies on all the endings or either not end up with each other which still hurts cause they truly are meant for each other it's just that they were just given misfortunate situations that doesn't let them do so</3although the ending 9 is a good ending out of all the endings for me which makes me want to know what happened next also OSGOODE LOOKED SO FRICKIN HOT THERE IN LONG HAIR LIKE HELP ME-

fantastic game with fantastic writing. Very disturbing and evocative. So glad I found this incredible game!

You're a real good writer! This was amazing! I thought it was gonna be short but it took me like 2 hours to finish, and it was a great game, I enjoyed it alot<33

This was... a ride.
A disturbing, funny, bizarre, surprising, thought-provoking, quirky ride.
Story and characters are what I look for in a book or game, and yours gets top marks in both! A few typos and grammatical tense issues, but otherwise the writing was tight and evocative. Thank you for your time and effort on this. Really well done.


If Osgoode had been just a regular human murderer, this would have been just plain creepy, and disgusting how she fell for him. (I was honestly wary about giving this a go because I was getting Twilight vibes from the description, and Twilight was not for me, lol) But your brilliant choice to make him a wendigo and give him such an alien personality was what made me think so highly of this game. I'm really looking forward to your next!

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Ironically, the idea for this game started because I was unsatisfied with Twilight haha. I thought it was strange that  Edward, who was dating the human equivalent of their favorite dessert, NEVER had a moment of weakness and took a bite lmao. I also thought that Bella's obsessed reactions were never quite fully explained. So I wrote my own version with the same premise lmao.

Lol! Well, I much prefer your take on it.

This is godly, seriously, I'm crying, how is this so good? Please keep making gaming, you are so damn talented <3333

OH MY GOD!! I played this game literal ages ago and I wasn’t able to find the page or name again but I just wanted to tell you that I remembered this game and it was so fuckin amazing!! Like props to you I played this like last year and remembered it which is wild but yes. Great game!! ^o^

The Game is much higher in expectations than you can imagine! I just think the songs should be on youtube "ITYH : A Horror Otome Game Songs" the links are very confusing

This is such an amazing game, ending 8 was so bittersweet to me. Loved it very much! It's scary because i know if i was in Camilles situation I'd definitely fall for him. 10/10


Your characterizations are very engaging. His past with the brothers really intrigued me. You manage to convey so much in such little writing, each brother being very distinct. This all makes me very curious about your writing process. How do you come up with these little habits and quirks these characters have (like the second brother's fixation on romance novels and Osgoode's routine of playing the piano everyday). I'm generally very numb to all forms of media, but all these details manages to pierce through my usual apathy.

As for the different routes, the route for ending 8 is my favorite, even if the ending is the saddest. Curiously, which ending is considered true end? 

Excited for the next game you're making. Has that been postponed, by the way?


This is literally my first evere comment on anything, but I just wanted to say that this is absolutely my favourite game and you did amazing on it!!! I love it so much. Me and Camille are (unfortunately) basically the same person, haha..Anyway, here's some fanart...I might post more in the future too ;)

kjasdhfklsdjafh you captured Camille perfectly. Thanks for the pic and brightening up my day (right-clicks and saves).

I finished the other ends but ending 8. I understand that in order to get ending 8 you have to play for the first time. No matter how many times I delete the game and info, it still saves my previous plays. So I can't get to ending 8. Any recommendations to fix this?

Oh you mean ending 9? Finish ending 8 ( End of Summer fever) (You know, the one where she chases after the photograph), then restart the game and get to the door-knocking scene. Keep knocking Osgoode lets you in.

However, if you want to get ending 8 again, just barge in the door without knocking like a rude trespasser haha.

this game is absolutely amazing, the endings and the overall plot, as well as the character and background designs. i love the writing so much! so deep and well-written, but not difficult to understand or all over the place. ending 8 especially has my heart, very good and somewhat realistic given the situation. marvelous work!!! <33

omg i rly rly loved this game! plus ending 9 is sooooo AAAA! <3

i love how it was directed and the interaction of the choices to the players. it rly hooked me to play this + i love osgoode!!!

ending 3 is the only end i cant get tho QwQ (or maybe im just that stupid wwwww) how do you get that end? QwQ

hoping to see more of your works!!! <3

For ending 3, you have to be as quiet and uncooperative as possible. When Osgoode shows up in the room a second time, don't ask him any question and stay silent. Then don't pick up the fruit when Osgoode yells at you to pick them up

Thank youuu! I'll look forward for your future games <3

I am not done with this game but "I'm sorry you WHAT OSGOODE I WOKE UP FROM FLOWERS TO LEARN WHAT"

this game is great! I don't feel like many people brave the sort of MC you created, but I relate with her impulsive obsessions (in my case I have bipolar disorder) and for the most part her ideas were logical. The sarcasm is fun. The use of piano to tell time is clever. Your choices are just thoughtfully done and I appreciate that!

Okay I finished and, wow, your twists are wild. Ending 8 I actually gasped and almost cried lmao You did such a great job and it was such a fun way for me to spend a few hours.

Um, that was incredible. The characterisation, the dialogue, the twists! And ending 9! You're an amazing writer and I can't wait to play more of your stuff. 

Hi Amiralo, I played ITYH a while ago but today I wanted to come back and give you a small tip for the game because I enjoyed it immensely. It's probably the most thrilling otome I've played in a while, I was entirely hooked and spent an entire day doing nothing but playing it. I still think about your game often, you're an amazing writer and I'll definitely be looking forward to your future project.

I also wrote a little review on r/otomegames if you're interested :)

Omg thanks for the tip and the glowing review haha. I'm still (slowly) working on another horror otome project with another artist-will definitely make a post about it when I get a decent chunk of the writing done.

That's lovely, I'm so happy to hear! Hope development goes well, I'll be keeping my eye out for any news :D

Also how do i get ending 9??


Start the game again after finishing ending 8, then keep knocking on Osgoode's door until he opens it for you (DON'T GO IN IF THE DOOR OPENS BY ITSELF)

thank you

That was fuckin insane.

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It's so good OH GOD I'm in tears. Ending 8 literally crushed my heart. I'm so glad they have a true end. I wish there was an afterstory coz I love them so much

Also I just found out you made Saccharine. It's one of my first sim dates and I just have to say you're an amazing game dev! Thank you for all your hard work!


I don't know what I was expecting from ending 9, but that? That was NOT was I was expecting and I love it!!!!  I feel a whirlwind of emotions for Camille... and even Osgoode ;w; Both of them need therapy


This game is fucked up, I love it

I have been looking for a game that blended otome and horror together for literal years and I finally found it. 11/10


hey! amiralo! I wonder where I can play your old games?? I'm so so so fascinated by your work


I made those about 8 years ago, so you would have to install the newground's flash player though haha;;;;;

thank you!!!!! :D

I am floored in the best way possible but also this got me like laughing in pure shock. The first ending I got was #8.

best game ever

its a bit sad though i wanted them to end up together


Get ending 9 and you will get your wish haha.


Holy shit



Hi, i was also an old fan of your older games and i am just curious. Would you ever upload your older games on itch io? Like play in browser style? 

Ahhh probably not. Those file are in swf format and not html.

Ok, thank you for answering! I love your art and novels so I'm really happy to find you again. It's honestly amazing how you're so good at both drawing and writing. Best of luck with everything. 


Hi, Amiralo! 

First of all, I wanted to say that I downloaded the game last year - it came out right on my birthday, haha. Up to this point, I managed to go through it for the third time and today finally I was ripe for writing a review xd Took me long enough, hahaha


I continue to admire how well this novel is written. The way "metamorphoses", thoughts and actions are described - all this looks so... smooth and easy. No unnecessary piling up of details, everything that was told was revealed and explained in one way or another during the game. 

Throughout the game, I constantly empathized with Cami and was able to put myself in her place, which, in my opinion, is very important in VN. She is so... Alive??? Like real person. Since the first playthrough, she has become my favorite main character xd (Her interactions with Osgoode is actually top-tier, I love them so much x3)

I think it's amazing that during the game, when there were basically only two teens on the screen, you managed to give the stories of six people at once! While watching "love" story of Osgoode and Camille, I learned quite a lot about Leon, Charles, Bancroft, Milton... Of course, player only know about them from the perspective of Osgoode and Cami, but the influence of all side chara was clearly imprinted on main chara behavior, which is so impressive! I saw that you mentioned below that a game was planned for Ivy and Joseph, and I'm very happy about this - judging by what happens in the last endings, they have some fun going on :)

Also needed to say that I really like your interpretation of the wendigo.  Such small sweet details like angelic appearance, syrupy smell, pink blood, saliva with "special effects", taste of cotton candy... And those moments of "truth" as with "ugly alien smile".  Amazing. I love it so, so much. 

And! Your art style just captures the atmosphere perfectly. Absolutely beautiful!

Waiting for your new works patiently!💞

P.s. Also I wanted to ask if you interested in Ukrainian+russian translation – I would really like to help with it! Actually, I even created an account just for the sake of expressing my delight and suggesting this ahah- Your games deserve much more attention :(

Omg thanks for the long review! I'm glad you enjoyed Camille and Osgoode and their dysfunctional family haha. And yes I would love a Russian/Ukranian translation. Let me know what I can do to help

this was amazing. it took me about 4 hours to get all endings. worth it

Hello Amiralo! I've been your fan since I was a teenager. I'm pretty old now, but I've played all your previous games.  The game is pretty good, as expected. I've gotten 2 of the endings so far, and eventually I'll try to get the rest. I'm looking forward to seeing what visual novels you have in store for us in the future!

The story and the art is beautiful that i am in all seriousness i am crying

This game looks really interesting, but my mac hasn't been able to extract(i think that's the correct term) the file. Do you have any possible tips to help?

As of now, I haven't figured out a way to successful export for mac. Some players have played it with a windows emulator, but if that doesn't work for you, there's a no commentary let's play on YouTube.

Again,I'm really sorry for the inconvenience.


I think I've reached all the endings, but I'm a little confused about what happened with Ivy and her boyfriend? Did I miss something? Why was she in that recovery area? 


Joseph and Ivy were the axed route. I want to save the idea for another future story, so no spoilers

Is there a walkthrough?

It's included in the game. walkthrough.txt

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